Zoltan Lantos, MD, Ph.D
Zoltan Lantos Hungary
  • Head of Research at eHealth Software Solutions Ltd.,

Dr Zoltan Lantos, Ph.D

Head of Research at eHealth Software Solutions Ltd., Head of KRAFT (Creative Cities, Sustainable Regions) Social Innovation Lab National Program at Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg, and works in Medicon Valley, Copenhagen with graduation in immunology, behavioural economy and art therapy.

Started his career as immunology researcher at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, and later became a professional track and field runner and orienteerer with 2:14:15 personal best on marathon and 4. place at World Orienteering Championship. Held different management positions in the pharma industry, as health industry and health care consultant, global director of health experience researches, in governmental health care innovation project and in development of person-cetentered health services.

Pioneer in several Hungarian health care programs, planned and initiated patient adherence program first, launched eHealth application with home diagnostics, internet and phone based patient information, created a person-centered care program with health fund financing, developed the itemized drug reimbursement scheme and methodology of the health counselling, took part in the launch of the first health development office, disseminated the economic model of the value based health care and established the general practice parthership pilot programs.

His current research areas are development of the person-centered health ecosystem and regional cooperation networks, application areas of hybrid value chains, interdisciplinary data analysis based social developments, precision medicine and usage of algorithms in health related decisions; opportunities and social utilities of expansive realization of personal development and self-knowledge.

Conducted lectures